OTK Custom dbInstaller 2.0 Released!

OTK Custom dbInstaller LogoFinally, OTK Custom dbInstaller 2.0 is released! We apologize for the delay. Since the release of our first free edition on 2nd January 2007, we have learnt a lot from the past. Now, with this new version, we have added a lot of exciting new features in order to make achieving full application deployment automation, especially for those database-driven application, possible at the most affordable price and lowest cost of ownership!

What's New in 2.0
Below are the great new values that we have been added to this new version:
  • Backup option before install/uninstall
  • Options selection safety check
  • Restore from backup source or execute custom SQL script file or both
  • Selectable target location for data file and log file to restore
  • Update connectionString in app.config or Web.config
  • Command-line arguments to be dynamically called by installer's custom actions or independently run from task scheduler, command window, and shortcuts.
  • Uninstall with database detach or drop option
  • Fully customizable user interface behaviors based on usage, target users, and target environments
  • and more...
How to move forward?
The following is a list of useful resources for you to find out more about Custom dbInstaller 2.0:
We hope that you enjoy playing with the demo and discover how Custom dbInstaller 2.0 can give you a tremendous gain on your cost saving, productivity, and better customer relationship!